Culminating Activities For Use With “The Raven”

Culminating projects are a good way to engage students in digging deeper into a text. “The Raven” is a good text for engaging reluctant readers, with the dark tone and descent into madness.

Here are some culminating projects for “The Raven:”

Make a gravestone for Lenore. Include an image or symbol on it, plus an epithet (short comment).  For further textual analysis, have students reflect on what they included, with textual support.

Write an obituary or eulogy for Lenore. This activity combines real-world writing with creative writing and textual evidence. Students might choose the narrator as the point of view for the obituary (written description of the deceased) or the eulogy (speech given at the funeral).

Write an analysis of how the narrator interprets the responses of the Raven. Students can examine how he asks certain questions and how he views those answers.  Students might include how the “conversation” could have gone differently if the narrator asked different questions.

Research Poe’s life and relationships, then compare them with the poem for possible influence. A multimedia project is a nice way to present the research findings, as it can include images of Poe and his life that students find.

Write a prequel to the poem about the relationship with Lenore.  Could be written as a narrative or as rhyming poem in the same format as the original.

These are available as part of the Raven Culminating Projects Set— plus the Prequel is available as a stand-alone project, complete with rubrics.

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