3 Wishes 5 Paragraph Essay— great personal writing that ties in nicely with stories about wishes, such as “Aladdin” and “The Monkey’s Paw.”  Includes writing process worksheets and rubric.

Critical Thinking Paragraph Model-– simple, structured guide for writing paragraphs at the secondary level.  No cutsey references to hamburgers or Oreos and no graphics that might insult older students.

Writing Dialogue Handout-– Said is NOT dead!  This handout includes instruction on effective dialogue tags as well as punctuating dialogue.

Quick Guide to Descriptive Words handout– help students use more descriptive, vivid words with a handy reference guide or “cheat sheet”

Quick Guide to Literary Essays handout– help students with what to include and what to avoid in a literary essay using this handy reference guide or “cheat sheet.”

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening: Write Your Own Stopping By Poem— students will use the rhyme and structure in the poem as they write their own poem about stopping and contemplating.  Rubric included.

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