Culminating Project Ideas for A Christmas Carol


A Christmas Carol is a timely text for Christmastime, though it can work in other places as well– especially given Scrooge’s new-found desire to “Keep Christmas all year.”  There are lots of options for related culminating projects to expand on or analyze the text.


Here are several Culminating Project ideas to use with A Christmas Carol:

  1.  Scrooge makes reference to the workhouses as an option for the poor.  Students can research workhouses and poverty.  In addition, students can analyze the impact of poverty on the story.  Another research topic is Dickens’ own past and how that may have influenced the story.    slide3
  2. Create a wreath or other Christmas symbol and decorate or incorporate key quotes from the story.
  3. Compare A Christmas Carol with How the Grinch Stole Christmas (either movie or book work well).  How are they similar?  Why is this theme of a grouch getting reformed at Christmas so appealing?  Create a multi-media project with screenshots or movie clips.
  4. Examine the idea of “Keeping Christmas all year” (Or a similar belief from another religion or belief system.)  What does that mean?  How would it be shown or done?  Create a poster or PowerPoint.slide2
  5. Retell the story as a children’s story.  How would it be adjusted for the younger audience while still keeping the main ideas?  Illustrate it.


Each of these projects, plus more, is included in the A Christmas Carol Culminating Projects resource– with options for Task Cards, Choice Boards, or Student Menu for deployment.  Rubrics provided as well.  Assign select projects or let students self-select from the full set of 16 projects or from a condensed 12 project set.

Culminating projects can be a great way to warp up a text with tasks like researching, retelling, reflecting, examining or going beyond the story.  Projects also provide hands-on learning, and can be student-directed, with options like Choice Boards or Task Cards.  Plus, they can help stretch time and budget by spanning several days.

Check out Activities for Teaching a Christmas Carol or Winter Reading for the Secondary Classroom for more ideas.

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