For back to school, a bunch of Teachers Pay Teachers sellers, including myself, have gotten together for a give away.  Read more about it at as well as about how to enter.

2016 back to school 1

I have contributed one of my products for the give-away: a copy of my Company Project.  In the Company Project, students will complete real-world and creative writing as they design a new company, related products, and several business writing tasks.  Robust choices of activities to develop a whole unit but flexible enough to fit in any classroom.  Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun for the students.  This is included in the High School English Prize Pack #1 (and on sale for the TPT Sitewide sale August 1st and 2nd).

Company Project Long Pin

(Actually, these are old images of the materials– the whole unit was recently overhauled and expanded– so if this image looks fun, you’ll really love the update!)

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