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    image credit: openclipart.org

    Short(er) posts. As teachers we’re all pretty short on time– me to write and you to read.

  2. Generally list format. Easy for skimming. Plus, this will help me be organized and concise.
  3. Teaching ideas– especially projects and alternative ideas. My experience as an alternative high school teacher gave some different perspectives on engaging reluctant learners, so I’ll be sharing that.
  4. Budget ideas for home and school. A teacher pay check doesn’t stretch very far.  And the alternative school paid less than the traditional school in the same district, while having a pretty tight budget for the classroom, too.
  5. Discussion of education topics– in brief. Sharing my two cents from a decade as a teacher in alternative and online education, plus my experience as an alternative sort of student.

If there’s a topic or piece of literature you’d like to see me tackle, let me know!

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